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Retired or promoted off the bike?

Do you have an old pair of Dehner or any other brand of Motor Boots you want to sell? New boots can run well over $500.00! We regularly sell used pairs to Security Officers, Motorcycle Funeral Escorts and Equestrian Riders, for almost half of what they would have to spend for a new pair. Depending on the condition, we can usually repair them and make them very usable again! 

Most of these boots will not work for on duty wear, but if your job doesn't require perfection or regular inspections, (or more important, your department doesn't buy them for you) this might be right for you. Also, if you work for a small department, and the budget isn't there for a new pair, this might be an alternative. 

The following gives you an idea of what we pay for used motor boots. 

We do not sell used boots through the website. 

If the boots are in need of resoling, subtract an additional $10.00 from the above rates. If you are not local, you can send us the boots to evaluate and we will be able to quote you a price. If we can't strike a deal, we will pay for shipping back to you, however, you will pay the shipping to us. In the past, we would sell the boots on consignment basis, but it was too time consuming and we came up with a simple formula for buying and selling.  Whatever we buy them at, we will double it to sell them. Remember, we still have to pay to have them repaired.

If you're interested in selling us a pair, fill out the form below. If you have more than one pair, fill out the form twice or include the information in the comments section. We'll give you an estimate of what to expect. All fields are optional, but the more information you can provide us with, the more realistic price we can quote you.

Condition Of Boots?
Are They Custom Made?

Thanks for submitting!

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