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Frequently Asked Questions

You wouldn't think we'd need a
Frequently Asked Question section,
but apparently we do because we get a lot of email
that asks the same questions over and over!

Is the store open to everyone or just officers?

Mainly Officers. We're officer owned and target ourselves to other officers. Generally anything that is not restricted by law is available to purchased over the internet to civilians. We maintain a VERY low overhead so our prices can reflect it. Staffing the store would require way too much attention to justify marketing to the public. Most of our business comes work of mouth, and we like it that way. Plus, we generally only do leather items that are in black.

Why do you let officers cut in line for their shines? Because that's our target market. The officers generally come in on duty and need to get out fast.
Who buys online? Who are your customers? Mostly its police departments buying for their officers. We occasionally get orders from private citizens and if the item is not restricted, we will sell to individuals. We also work with fire departments, and academies for boots to get classes set up.
Your shines look great but I'm told you use sprays and leather luster to make them look that good? Nope, nadda, NEVER! The shine looks great because of elbow grease and polish, period! When we seal the leather on Sam Browns, we do use a spray to seal and coat the shine because otherwise the polish would get onto your uniform (a real pain for us chippies) However, this is never done to shoes or boots.
How come sometimes it takes so long to get a shine? That should be obvious. We generally try and keep 3 guys on, but it doesn't always work out that way. If we hear too many complaints, we'll bring on more. Until then, many of the regular officers rotate their boots and keep one pair at the store so they never have to wait.
When will my boots ship? Once you place an order on the website, the factory is notified directly. If they have them in stock, they will ship out usually within 3 days. If you're ordering fire boots or motor boots, remember, they usually don't have them in stock. Fire and police boots are used by very few people and have a lot of options. If the boots have to be made to order, it usually takes about two weeks for fire boots and 8 weeks for motor boots. When the boots ship, we won't be notified until after you receive them. The website will usually reflect the order is processing until after you receive them.
Do you accept returns? Yes, if we made a mistake. We want you to be 100% satisfied, but to keep our costs low, if the boots were made to order, we won't be able to sell them to someone else. Make sure you know your size and options before you place an order. Because fire and motor boots are usually made to order, know what you're ordering, and realize it could take several weeks to manufacturer.
Do you accept Purchase Orders? Yes, but only from verified Police Departments! Period. Experience has taught us better.
Why does it take so long to get the Dehner Motorboots? Well, its a question of price vs. quantity vs. quality. We generally place the order when we need the boots. Most of the time this never takes more than a couple of weeks, but yes, occasionally it can take more time. If you want em fast, pay top dollar, and go to your local uniform shop. Expect to pay an extra $200.00
Why did you stop selling the other motorcycle boots you used to sell. Well, they were cheaper, and unfortunately it showed over time. Dehner is definitely more expensive, but we've found out the hard way they're worth it. I guess you really do get what you pay for.
Can I request a particular shiner? And how are they paid? These guys are independent contractors. They pay us to rent a chair, buy their own supplies, and keep their own schedule. They collect half of what we charge, and yes, do accept tips. If you're cheap, chances are it will reflect in your next shine much like it would at a restaurant.
I was asked not to come back to the store, how can your guys do that? Our shiners are great guys and know what they're doing. If you don't treat them with respect or insist on taking out your bad day on them, they have every right to ask you to leave and not come back. We will support their decisions 100%, no questions asked, so don't even think about talking to the owners, it won't help.
How come you charge more to civilians than to officers? By officers, For Officers should explain it all. Every business targets its own unique group, and we have a right to as well. We're not set up to be a complete retail store and don't have any intention on becoming one.
Why don't you stock more merchandise? Well, first this is a part time gig. Low overhead = low maintenance. Our bread and butter comes for what we do best, shining! Plus, and this one's a big one - most vendors cancel our accounts once local competitors hear we're carry the same merchandise for less. Thank you to our great vendors that bucked the status quo, and still sell to us.
I'm in the Academy, can I come in for shines? Would my instructors ever find out I'm coming to Code 7? This ones a good question! Things have changed a lot over the past couple of years. The emphasis is now on academics. Most agencies now allow you to bring in your Sam Browns and Boots, however, realize you're still going to get hammered you'll still hear "they just don't look good enough" and "you need to spend more time and attention to detail." We get a lot of the cadets from Rio Hondo, Fullerton, LBPD, and the LAPD coming in weekly. Even though we know many of your instructors, we're not stupid, and we keep our books closed and our mouths shut. Don't ever lie if you're asked, but don't volunteer too much information either. (and this one remember your whole career)
I'm in the Academy and have to buy my own gear, will you guys give us a break on pricing? Yup, we do and have done this is the past. If you order several of the same, identical items, we'll sell it to your class at approximately 25% over cost. (Just FYI, this industry typically charges 100% markup, get used to it and bank those uniform allowances) Remember though, one person is responsible for collecting the money and distributing the product. We'll just get you a good price!
Whats your phone # for website orders? We offer the best prices on the internet because we don't have a staff to support. You can always contact us by email to follow-up, but we're not Amazon. You won't get the customer service you would get from other vendors who employee a staff of customer service reps.
When I call, all I ever get is some guy who doesn't speak English? What's up with that? And the ever popular "How are you going to stay in business like that?" Its obvious you haven't been to the store then. We try to keep someone on who speaks English, but it isn't always possible. Remember, low overhead means low prices. We suggest you shop online where English is our primary language. We've found the BEST shiners around but unfortunately they don't always have a good command of the English language. Remember, we're in LA.
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